Hello, hi, hej, hola!

Welcome to my first blog post, so happy to have you here.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of visuals, vibes and a dash of unexpected.

Get to know your photographer

When my parents gave me the name Agnieszka little they knew I'd be the hardest name to spell decades later. So I go with Aga, Aga Do Do Do some sing but I say Agat'ya as when I finally lock the date of your dreams.

I grew up in Grudziadz, Poland, being raised by mum and dad along my 2 sisters and later 2 beautiful springer spaniels. I moved to Bydgoszcz for another 3 years pursuing my educational goals, shortly later graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Tourism and Recreation with Recreation and Rehabilitation speciality.

So how come UK and photography? I originally planned to come here for work during a Uni break, to visit my sister, who was already residing in the UK, however after a short period I've decided to relocate to United Kingdom, this was a break through moment in my life.

Being a student and learning to live pretty affordable life allowed me to save some money while working for random employers here. Of course my first savings went towards DSLR camera, but my photography journey started long before that with a film camera I got for my 1st Communion when I was just 7!

I've always been a little photo reporter and have tones of photos from when I was growing up. Over the years I enjoyed my learning curve, polished my skills and with progressing technology it never got boring.

Photography is still my hobby, my joy and now my second job.

Fact #1

I'm a mom to a beautiful little dude, he can be a cheeky monkey sometimes but he's the coolest, kindest and loving little human.

He adores being a little helper of mine, wether it comes to chores or is photo related - along modelling, he assists with various little tasks. Who knows, maybe one day he'll join the team.


If I'm not working I'm most probably cooking, I love to cook and bake. I'm rooting for traditional polish recipes and Japanese food.

If you haven't eaten ZAPIEKANKA yet, it has to be ticked off at one point.

I long for my hometown zapiekanka, probably one of the best in Poland.


From all the places on this planet I always pick the seaside. I could listen to the sound of waves all day! My retirement goal is to live by the water with dog walks, breathing sea air and watching sunsets with a calming sound of water.

Fact #4

I like my little travels, I got to see a lot of places, still plenty to discover. I've spent nearly 4 years repacking my suitcase every week when working as a project launch trainer. My next few destinations include ski break in Tatra mountains, few days in Cornwal UK, hopefully Iceland and Madeira this year. I'd love to lock a destination wedding sometime.